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the kiddos

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Grimm Legacy - A Book Review

Okay, so it has been quite a little while since my last post - I want to say this about that - it did not take me that long to read this book!  I couldn't put it down! I just had some other things I had to tend to before I could sit down to share my review with you!

I described this book to my daughters as similar to the movie "Enchanted" where fairy tales and fairy tale characters find their way into the real world.  If you are opposed to fairy tale magic and Disney type witches and spells...this book is not for you or your children.  If, however, you are okay with stories like Snow White and the idea of magic carpets, etc. this may be a book for you to enjoy.

I loved it! AND I do think this book, unlike "Warriors in the Crossfire" could win this year's Sequoyah award! Below are my notes with page numbers for your reference of things I think might cause a mom or dad pause...I will leave that up to you!

page 39 - Aaron stares after Anjali with a "look of naked longing"
page 51 - reference to technology as "modern magic"
page 52 - discussion about modern magic and "the old kind"
page 68, 83 - urine
page 85 - Elizabeth tells a friend "I suck at music"
page 85 - Elizabeth has a conversation with the magic mirror
page 86 - Elizabeth realizes that everything in the Grimm collection is magic
page 98 - mention of a fairy tale about the "Spirit in the Bottle"
page 108 - the seven leagues boots
page 112 - more fairy tale magic...and can I just say from this point forward - any page could have fairy tale type magic both happy fairy kind and scary creature is what the book is about :) So I am not going to note it any more...seems kind of silly, don't you think?
page 113 - mention of spilled beer
page 129 - protection spell
page 130 - "you should be safe-from bad magic, anyway"
page 150 - comment about Elizabeth's mom "always looking for the soul in things"
page 152 - the kids that worked at the library lied to their bosses
page 153-154 - Elizabeth is trying to keep a conversation private and when a boy keeps pressing her to tell him what she was talking about, Elizabeth tells him they were talking about "girl stuff". After he continues to press, she begins to give him an explanation about changes in a girl's body, hormones, blood flow, etc. It is a brief sentence or two but worth noting in case you haven't had that talk with your child yet (another subject for another day)
page 173 - a ceremonial vessel used to hold a chief's gold and spiritual treasure
page 175-177 - Elizabeth was led in a little chanty vow type thing to forfeit part of her in exchange for the use of an item from the Grimm collection. She chose to put her sense of direction down as a deposit. It came out of her body into a sort of blob and was placed in the vessel until the safe return of the mermaid comb she borrowed
page 198, 201- slow kiss between Anjali and Mark (slightly intimate)
page 209-210 - instructions on making the protection bracelet
page 226 - "you suck"
page 230 - Elizabeth and Aaron are in his bedroom and the mirror shows a reflection of the two of them making out, followed by straightening their clothes (obviously also slightly intimate)
page 231 - Elizabeth was having a hard time keeping her mind off of what their reflections were doing "under that blanket". I believe the implication was that the mirror was covered back up with a blanket and the reflections were under that blanket but who knows for sure what the author was trying to imply...
page 268 - magic wand
page 281 - crystal ball
page 315 - discussion about whether or not a ghost could administer the kiss of true love to bring a person back to life (after having been turned into a figurine)
page 323 - a little more kissing as I typed this out I remembered the kissing did bother me a little.  For me, I would definitely let my HS freshman daughter read it...maybe not a fifth grade daughter. But like I said before, that is your call - I am here to provide info. You must take the info and make the right decision for your kiddos!

My plan for the next blog post is fun with the foundation repair man...I am sure you won't want to miss it!

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